7 reasons why being a chef makes me a better service designer

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Hello lovely people,

The Sweet Salt had a quiet year last year; I had plenty of other activities keeping me busy. But I wanted to kick 2018 off as I mean to go on and share a bit more about what I was up to last year; namely Kiwi & Roo-ing and being a Service Designer at Adaptive Lab.

Last year my working pattern was 4 days a week at Adaptive and then fitting K&R in around that. So Fridays, weekends and (sometimes!) evenings are cooking times. I also took a 4 week chunk of unpaid time off during the summer where I focused solely on cooking. (Oh and a holiday in Greece with my family) So feel pretty lucky… I get the benefits of working for a great company which I love; but I also get the flexibility to pursue my side project passion; aka my Side Hustle.

Adaptive Lab have been entirely supportive of me in my foodie endeavours. So much so that at the end of last year they asked me to speak at a quarterly event they run called Pi People. (Named as such because we hire people who are Pi symbol shaped in their skill set… an extension of the t shaped people philosophy coined by Tim Brown from Ideo). Pi People events are based on a theme and bring together interesting people talking about interesting things. The focus of the November event was all about Side Hustles; people like me who are balancing two different career paths and passions.

So in front of about 150 people on a late November evening, I shared my story. About how I got into Service Design and cheffing and now, how I balance the two. (Or try to!)

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I also spoke about ways being a chef makes me a better Service Designer. Seven lessons I’ve learnt from the kitchen that are equally as relevant in my ‘day job’.  Lessons which I’d like to share with you on here. Because they’re a pretty organised bunch, Adaptive Lab actually recorded me giving my talk, so should you decide you don’t fancy reading any more, you can watch me live in action here

Or you can mosey on over to the Adaptive website for the video and a more detailed write up of my 7 lessons on their site.


Hope you enjoy!

(Oh and Happy New Year)



One thought on “7 reasons why being a chef makes me a better service designer

  1. larsmarshandlebars January 6, 2018 / 3:24 pm

    Thanks for the inspiration. Side hustlin’ and ‘saying no’ are now my NY resolutions!

    Great to see the blog is back in action! xx


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