Week 6: A summary in numbers

Wednesday’s afternoon cake demonstration

Half way? Turns out it’s true. We’re now officially over the hump and it’s all downhill from here.

What a week. What a weekend!

Here’s my summary of the week in numbers:

Cakes eaten – Too many to count this week.

Eclairs and profiteroles eaten in the name of choux pastry making – see above

Piglets caught on camera – All 7! Multiple times.

Eggs used in one day of cooking – 11 (4 for the choux pastry, 2 for the brownies, 5 for the pasta – thank you chickens)

Sourdough loaves made – 1

Compliments received about sourdough – approximately 100 (thanks ladies)

Herbs identified – 10

Salad leaves identified – 10

Types of sorrel there are in the Ballymaloe garden – 3 (Buckle, wood and salad)

Amount of dried yeast to use if you don’t have fresh – 1/2 the amount

Minutes a pizza takes to cook in the oven – between 4 and 8

Gin and tonics drunk as part of Tuesdays’ study session – 3 (For optimum efficiency and piping bag skills)

Number of years it takes for treated soil to revert back to organic – 3

Friends over from London for the weekend (7)

Dinners eaten at Pier 26 – 1

Drinks consumed at the Blackbird pub – hmmm…

Valentines Discos attended – 1

Love shots consumed at said disco – hmmm…

Impact made at local pub on Saturday night – maximum

Time of impromptu Riverdance-eque House Party – 3am

Lunches eaten at Ballymaloe House – 1

Desserts tasted from the dessert trolley – all

General feelings of gratitude and inspiration – infinite

Weekend antics with lovely friends
7 happy little Ballymaloe piglets 









2 thoughts on “Week 6: A summary in numbers

  1. Kate February 17, 2016 / 7:30 am

    That all adds up to what sounds like an absolutely brilliant time Fi!! So cool so many of your London massive came to visit! I can not get over how pro those treats look! (Maybe your lobdon pals saw them too- and planned a visit 😉 ) Great work. Lots of love xxxx


    • fi_says February 17, 2016 / 7:38 pm

      Thanks lovely Kate. Wish I could send some to you in NZ. Reckon i could get them past customs??


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