Day 14: Discovering the Ballymaloe Library


The Ballymaloe school and farm comprises of various buildings, kitchens, dining rooms, offices, cottages and houses. This week, tucked away up in the rafters of the main building, up a very steep set of stairs I made a new discovery – the Ballymaloe library.

This lovely room is filled wall to wall with books. But even better than that, they’re all food related! Just in case we didn’t have enough culinary inspiration in what we’re cooking, eating and learning about, we now have an endless supply of reading material.

There’s recipe books galore, from all corners of the globe and from every era. From the classics such as Elizabeth David, Julia Child, Mrs Beaton and Larousse Gastronomique… right up to a lot of todays’ more popular food writers; the Nigellas, Ottolenghis and Jamies of the world. You name it; someone wrote the recipe – it will be on these shelves.

Along with recipes there are books about the industry of food; farming, food production, books commenting on the changes in consumer taste, cooking and eating behaviours and the sciences and technology of food.

And (like a well balanced meal) accompanying all of these is a healthy section on wine.

Amazing! So much more than one could devour in 12 weeks but a real pleasure to browse through and get inspired by.

(And speaking of gems across the ages; check out these classics from Mrs Allen herself. Loving the 80’s style)


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