Week 1: A summary in numbers

Rows of my favourite Burleigh pottery at Ballymaloe House

My first weekend at Ballymaloe has been spent in a most leisurely fashion. Exploring (read eating) my way around the Farmers Market in Middleton, discovering (read getting rained on in) Cork, my first Guinness at the pub, a few glasses of wine with my fellow housemates, a walk in the bright Sunday sunshine to Ballymaloe House and a Sunday evening roast chicken. Divine.

It’s been a week since I arrived. So much has happened in these past seven days – I can’t really imagine all that’s going to happen in the 11 weeks ahead.

Here’s a wrap up of Week 1 in numbers:

  • Students on the course – 64
  • Nationalities making up our group – 9 (including Irish, English, American, South African, Indian, French, Spanish and New Zealand)
  • Average age of students – no idea! We range from Gap Year-ers to retirees and just about everything in between
  • Cottages offering onsite accommodation – 7 (I reckon that equates to about half of the students living onsite)
  • Fellow residents of Mrs Walsh’s Cottage – 6. And all super lovely. Plus me equals a grand total of 7. We’re 2 guys (1 x Irish, 1 x American) and 5 girls (2 x Isle of Man, 1 x Northern Irish, 1 x American and me!)
  • Ratio of teachers to students – 6:1
  • Kitchens there are to cook in –  3
  • Visits to the greenhouse – 2
  • Sitings of blue sky and sunshine – multiple! (Who said it rained all the time in Ireland?)
  • Times I’ve thrown things into the wrong bin or asked “where does this go?” – too many to count
  • Blue plasters – 0 (result!)
  • Burns – 1
  • Times I’ve forgotten my name badge / hat / pen – 1 item per day (at least)
  • Tastings of chardonnay – 2
  • Recipes demonstrated – 50 (approx)
  • Recipes cooked – 9
  • Discussions about recipe filing techniques –  too many
  • Discussions about exams – ditto
  • Guinness’s drunk – 1 (room for improvement Fi)
  • Varieties of fresh garden herbs shown and named – 20
  • Varieties of fresh garden herbs memorised – 1 (also room for improvement Fi)
  • Jars of raspberry jam made – 4
  • Meals eaten a day – 2
  • Courses eaten every lunchtime – 4 (including cheese)
  • Mini scones with cream and jam consumed – numerous
  • Times I’ve thought “why the hell have I ever drunk or eaten low fat milk / yoghurt” – multiple, daily
  • Times I will every eat or drink low fat milk / yoghurt again – 0
  • Times I’ve said amazing – countless
  • Times I’ve thought “how lucky am I to be here for the next 12 weeks?” – uncountable


4 thoughts on “Week 1: A summary in numbers

  1. Magdaliny January 11, 2016 / 11:22 am

    Fi, everything looks absolutely amazing! Love the pottery and you’re a real storyteller, great read!


    • fi_says January 11, 2016 / 9:25 pm

      Thanks Magdaliny! Glad you’ve been enjoying it. Hope you are all well x


  2. gavvo January 11, 2016 / 8:37 pm

    Number of charming, informative and entertaining blogs – 7. 😀


    • fi_says January 11, 2016 / 9:28 pm

      Thanks! I will need to start crediting you for photography too 🙂


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