The art of the tart


Who can resist a great food pun? Done well, they’re egg-cellent.  Definitely dumpling you should know. Food and puns are made pho each other and tarts and puns go whey back, albeit based on rather old school derogatory terminology for women. After all, who doesn’t love a good tart, they can bake your day. (Said a man no doubt) Bitch, peas. We can do butter than this now. Lettuce move on, there’s mushroom for improvement.

Room for improvement in our food punning humour that is, not in tarts themselves. Tarts, in all their shapes and forms are a practically perfect food group. And this is actually meant to be a tart recipe, rather than paragraphs of my favourite puns or an article on my inner fillings (sorry couldn’t resist) on antiquated humour. So, onwards. Continue reading

The unwritten skillset of a private chef

Our epic London summer is drawing to a close. It’s been one of the best summers we’ve had here (e.g. actually sunny) and 2018 will undoubtedly replace 2006 as ‘That Summer’ everyone remembers fondly in the depths of the UK winter.

One of the many culinary adventures that’s kept me busy over the summer months was a two week private cheffing gig I did down in Provence in the South of France in late August.

france1 Continue reading

Eating my way around California

California. Home of giant iced coffees, endless beaches, beautiful people and that amazing light at sunset. Last month I returned from a truly fabulous trip and on this rather grey London day am having definite post-holiday-amazing-light-at-sunset blues.


My Californian adventure came about rather unexpectedly. It started when some friends who were off to Coachella found themselves with spare tickets… and ended as an epic 10 day adventure that included a music festival in the desert, a road trip up the coast of California in a white Mustang convertible and many, many food highlights. Continue reading

New foodie ventures and creating Kiwi and Roo

So many fun, foodie related things have been happening over the last few weeks and months. Sometimes when I stop and think about it all, about everything that’s happened in the past 7 months I think “wow, Fi, amazing! You’re really doing this”

The Roo & the Kiwi getting ready for stall kick off

After my stages at Violet and Ottolenghi, I knew I didn’t want to stop cooking but it was time to face facts. I needed to start earning some money. My days of cooking for unpaid work experience were gone; it was time to get a job. Continue reading